Weekly Puzzles

  1. All-Star Puzzles Mini Crostics
  2. Beekeeper Crosswords (by Robert Stockton, ended in April 2010, past puzzles still available)
  3. Brendan Emmett Quigley -- Can I Have a Word With You? (3 puzzles per week)
  4. Chronicle of Higher Education
  5. CRooked Crosswords (by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon and Henry Hook by subscription)
  6. Family Time Crossword (Two puzzles per week)
  7. Fireball Crosswords (edited by Peter Gordon, available by subscription)
  8. Independent Weekly (Puzzle by Ben Tausig)
  9. InfoPlease Crossword Puzzle (by Kelly Ann Buchanan)
  10. Jonesin' Crosswords (by Matt Jones)
  11. Macnamara's Band Crossword Puzzles (by Fred Piscop)
  12. Merl Reagle's Sunday Crossword
  13. MIStupid.com: Stupid Crosswords (by Fred Piscop)
  14. The Nation (Subscription required)
  15. NPR Weekend Edition Sunday Puzzles (by Will Shortz)
  16. O'Reilly Crossword
  17. People Magazine: Crossword Puzzler
  18. Private Eye Prize Crossword (prize offered every two weeks)
  19. Puzzle Connection
  20. Puzzle Pick
  21. San Francisco Bay Guardian (by Ben Tausig)
  22. TwoPaths Bible Crossword Puzzles
  23. Very Logical Prize Puzzle (by John Nolan)
  24. Wall Street Journal (edited by Mike Shenk)
  25. Washington Post Puzzler (edited by Peter Gordon)
  26. The Week (by Peter Gordon)

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