Crossword Puzzle Websites

  1. AARP Crossword Expert
  2. ABCTeach: Crossword Puzzles
  3. Across Down Traffic
  4. A-Frame Games (by Patrick Berry)
  5. African American Crosswords and Puzzles
  6. African American Literature Book Club Crossword Page
  7. Alex Boisvert's Crosswords
  8. Alphacram
  9. American Crossword Puzzle Tournament (annual tournament, held in Stamford, CT)
  10. American President Crossword Puzzle
  11. A1 Puzzles
  12. Archaeology Crosswords
  13. Aries Puzzles
  14. Astronomy for Kids - Crossword Puzzles
  15. Australian Crosswords (by David Stickley)
  16. Automatic Crossword Generator (by Robert Morris)
  17. BarelyBad Crossword Essay
  18. Beekeeper Crosswords
  19. Bible Crossword List
  20. Bible Crosswords and Other Wordpuzzles
  21. Bible Puzzles
  22. BlackDog's Haunted House Halloween Crossword Puzzle
  23. Blue Room Crossword (by S. John Ross)
  24. Boating Crossword Puzzle (By Rowan Millson)
  25. Boatload Puzzle
  26. Bob Klahn's Home Page
  27. Boston Crossword Puzzle Tournament (April 11, 2010)
  28. Candor Crossword Puzzle (Uses Java)
  29. Canada: A People's History Crossword (by Kelly Ann Buchanan)
  30. Caroline's Cryptics
  31. Cartoons and Wordgames (by Tom Williams)
  32. Castlebar's Online Crossword
  33. Castle Mountain PostCards - Crosswords (11x11 puzzles)
  34. CBC Kids: Word Games (by Kelly Ann Buchanan)
  35. CBS Sportsline: Hockey Crossword Puzzle (by Tom Schier and Matt Gaffney)
  36. CBS Sportsline: NFL Crossword Puzzle (by Ray Hamel and Matt Gaffney)
  37. Celebrity Crosswords
  38. Chicago Sun-Times: Roger Ebert: Crossword for Movie Fans (August 7, 2007)
  39. Children's Sunday School Word Puzzles (Crosswords with Biblical themes)
  40. Christian Crosswords
  41. Chris Paradine's Page (Runcible crosswords)
  42. Chris Vallely's Crosswords (In English and Spanish)
  43. Chuck's Crossword Column (by Chuck Schnebel)
  44. Classic Video Game Crossword Puzzles
  45. ClueMaster
  46. The Contest Center
  47. Creative Chemistry Crosswords
  48. Crossword Challenge: The Board Game
  49. Crossword Clubs
  50. The Crossword Database("for setters and solvers of The Listener, Independent Weekend and Enigmatic Variations crosswords from Dave Hennings")
  51. Crosswording
  52. Crossword Mysteries by Nero Blanc
  53. Crossword Puzzles (by Steven Kahn)
  54. Crossword Puzzles and Blokkiesraaisels (by Anina Roux)
  55. Crossword Puzzle Games
  56. Crossword Puzzles for Newspapers (Satori Publishing)
  58. Crosswords for Cross Stitchers (by Liz Gorski)
  59. Crosswordsite
  60. Crossword Station
  61. Crosswords USA
  62. Crostic Puzzle by Edward McArdle
  63. Cru Cryptics Archive (Cryptic puzzles are created by and for New York Times online Forum participants)
  64. Cruciverb-L (Constructors' discussion group)
  65. Custom Crosswords (by Gail Beckman)
  66. Cyberkids: Crosswords
  67. Cyclopedia of Puzzles by Sam Loyd (A variety of interactive and printable crosswords by Anax - British compiler Dean Mayer)
  68. Dave's Croswords (by Dave Diebold)
  69. Dusted Crossword Puzzle #1 (Music puzzle by Ben Tausig)
  70. Dynamic Crossword for the Global Community
  71. Early American History Interactive Crossword Puzzle
  72. eGroups: Crosswords (Discussion list)
  73. The 80s Server Crossword Puzzles
  74. Element Crossword Puzzles
  75. Enchanted Olympics Crossword Puzzle
  76. Enchanted Reptiles Crossword Puzzle (For kids)
  77. Entertainment Crosswords for TV and Movie Lovers (By Ray Hamel)
  78. Fact Monster Crossword Puzzles (for kids, by Kelly Ann Buchanan)
  79. Le Festival des mots croisés
  80. Film Music Crossword Puzzle (from Filmtracks)
  81. Findings (NIH publication with a biannual biomedical crossword)
  82. First Annual Pittsburgh Crossword Puzzle Tournament
  83. Food Reference: Culinary Crossword Puzzles
  84. Forbes: The Celebrity 100 Crossword Puzzle (June 2002)
  85. 4000 Years of Women in Science Crossword
  86. Free Crosswords Online! (Cryptics)
  87. Crossword
  88. A Game a Day
  89. Gamedeisign Crossword
  90. Gamegate Crossword
  91. Games Magazine
  92. Garden-visitors' Crossword
  93. The GardenWeb Crossword Puzzle
  94. Garson Hampfield, Crossword Inker
  95. Give A Crossword (Custom puzzles by Elizabeth Hinshaw>
  96. GMN Classical Crossword (Music crossword by Eddie James)
  98. Hard SAT Crosswords
  99. Hexaword: Hexagonal Crossword Puzzle (by Ian Tresman)
  100. A History of Short Words From the New York Times Crossword Puzzle
  101. Hot's Puzzle Page
  102. INDOLink Puzzles
  103. Information Disciples Programmer's Crosswords (Test your knowledge of computer technology)
  104. Inkwell Xwords (by Ben Tausig)
  105. Ireland in Crosswords (Archive of 50 crosswords)
  106. Justin's Puzzles
  107. Kappa Puzzles
  108. Kentucky Crosswords
  109. Kickstar: Crossword Puzzles! (by Eric Berlin)
  110. Kid Crosswords and Other Puzzles
  111. Kids' Quest Crossword Puzzle (Bible-themed)
  112. Kris Gilpin's Movie Crossword Puzzle
  113. Lenten Theme Crossword Puzzle (by Catherine Fournier)
  114. Let's Play Crosswords (TV game show)
  115. The Listener Crossword
  116. Log Cabin Chronicles Cryptic Crossword (Last updated February 1998)
  117. Lovatts Puzzle List
  118. Mackem's Crosswords (Cryptics)
  119. Mastermind: Quiz on the history of the crossword
  120. Medical Crossword Puzzle
  121. Mental Floss: World's Geekiest Crossword
  122. Meriweather's Crosswords
  123. Merl Reagle's Sunday Crosswords
  124. Metacrostics
  125. Miha Kos's Petka Crossword Puzzle (Picture puzzle for kids)
  126. Mixing Business With Pleasure by Lincoln (Puzzles by Stanley Newman)
  127. Motor-Cross Automotive Crossword Puzzles
  128. Mr. Blunt's Hip Hop Crossword Puzzles
  129. Murray Jackson's OVLR Crossword Puzzles (about Land Rovers!)
  130. National Puzzlers' League
  131. New Statesman (Christmas puzzles)
  132. Newsword and Holiday Crosswords
  133. Cryptic Crossword
  134. Oscar Crossword Puzzle (By Scott Busby)
  135. Online Crosswords and Brain Teasers
  136. Parnell Hall Mysteries ("The Puzzle Lady" mystery novels by Parnell Hall)
  137. Patrick Merrell: Puzzle Home Page
  138. Pencil Puzzle Connection
  139. The Perennial Arcade: Perennial Crosswords (Test your plant knowledge)
  140. Personal Puzzles
  141. Peter and Penny's Crossword Puzzles and Quizzes
  142. Peter Schickele/P.D.Q. Bach Web Site Crossword Puzzle
  143. Peter's Cryptic Crossword Corner (by Peter Biddlecombe)
  144. Phil's Cryptic Crosswords
  145. PictoPuzzle
  146. PIXymbols Crossword Font
  147. PQRST Puzzle Competition
  148. Praize Games: Crossword Puzzles
  149. Primate Crossword Puzzle (by Ray Hamel)
  150. Printable Crossword Puzzles by Printable Fill In Puzzles
  151. Puzzle Buffs
  152. The Puzzle Brothers: Bob and Dave Mackey
  153. PuzzleDepot Online Crossword Puzzles
  154. Puzzlemaker (Make your own puzzles)
  155. Puzzle Me Silly
  156. Puzzle People (Australian publisher of puzzle magazines with sample puzzles)
  157. Puzzler
  158. Puzzlers Cave
  159. Puzzles by Will Johnston
  160. Puzzles4Kids (by Helen Hovanec)
  162. Quiz-Acrostics (by Sheila Haak)
  163. Rainbow Charity Puzzles
  164. St. Patrick's Word Puzzles
  165. Scientific American: Puzzle: In Boxes (by Patrick Merrell)
  166. Scrabble Crossword (by Jeff Myers)
  167. Seattle Times Year-end Crossword Puzzle (2002, by Fred Piscop)
  168. Sherlock Holmes Crossword Puzzle
  169. Solar Flare Theory Crossword
  170. Some Puzzles by Mark Halpin
  171. Split Decisions (by George Bredehorn)
  172. Squigly's Pencil Puzzles for Kids
  173. Squizz's Cryptic Crosswords (by David Squire)
  174. Stan Newman's Crossword Land
  175. STARTDL For Thinkers
  176. Surfing the Net With Kids: Harry Potter Crosswords
  177. Themed Crossword Puzzles (by Alan J. Stuart)
  178. Theresa's Cryptic Crosswords
  179. This Week's Rebus (based on the TV game show "Concentration!")
  180. Thoughts About Things Magazine Crossword Puzzle (Easy 7x7)
  181. Today in History Crosswords (by Dave Fisher)
  182. Today's Crossword (Crossword poetry by Peter Valentine)
  183. Triple Play Puzzles (Puzzles by Trip Payne)
  184. Triumph Times' Crossword
  185. Ubercross! (by T Campbell)
  187. Webber's Cryptic Crosswords (by Michael Curl)
  188. The Word Puzzles (Biblical puzzles)
  189. WordXross
  190. World Puzzle Federation
  191. The World's First Crossword
  192. Crossword Index (by Martin Holmes)
  193. (by Douglas Fink)
  194. X-word Crossword Compilers (in South Africa)
  195. XWord Info (Fun facts about the New York Times crossword puzzle)

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